Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finally fulls!

So after 3 years of being of my P's, 3 months of that being suspended. I am now finally on my full license! It actually makes no different to how I drive. Just less worries now really, more points, I can have 1 beer.

If I could, I would sell my 3 off now and get something with a little bit more umph! But until I get something related to civil work, a new car will have to wait.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Marcel Woods.

Back blogging again.
My face muscular capabilities amaze me.

This photo is absolutely hilarious! I cannot recreate that smile no matter how hard I try. 

Marcel woods was ages back just after News Years 2012, it would of been my first rave/trance event after Stereosonic2011. Amazing night! Great music despite only realising who Marcel Woods was on that day, was a good apple and definitely great company.  

First time attending a Masif event too, Space surprisingly has good lazers! Would go again if someone good is playing. I think the next event there will be Armarda nights, with MaRlo and Myon and Shane, not too sure will have to double check with that.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Creamfields 2012

I heart my new family! 

Creamfields past about 2ish weeks ago. Was an absolute blast. Shame I missed out on Eonic's set, super sad but they knew we didn't intend to.

We arrived super early at 1pm and pretty much had a whole day to pace out. Meaning there was still 9 hours of solid partying to do. 
Main stage with Minx
Stayed outside for an hour or so and realised that it was going to be a damn cold day, even with the sun out and all. I took it very easy here sitting down in the middle of the crowed resting my feet as much as I could. After a while Bombs Away jumped on stage and they turned out to be quite the energetic bunch, not much my thing though and other randoms showed that too by dissing them. Also I noticed the sound was a bit off but couldn't exactly pin point what.

Back inside for Marlo, Tritonal and Sied Van Riel.
When we went inside the trance stage it was indoors and quite warm, cloaked my hoodie where I would regret later on. 
Marlo was sick! Played hit after hit, his set was so damn energetic. Tritonal was also a mind blower! Super entertaining where one of them would just jump around dancing and giving away t-shirts while the other just Dj'ed. 

Don't remember Sied Van Riel too much, but from de-briefing with mates and all I did conclude that his set was building up to something amazing until we decided to leave for Above and Beyond. Big mistake, but not a regret. 

It's amusing to me because I specifically bought my Creamfields ticket on my own, not caring who else was attending and with the chance that no one would go. I did this specifically for Above and Beyond. I didn't want to leave the trance stage because it was getting better but also because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get back in. But for A&B I did it. 

Main stage was absolute rubbish, biggest let down ever. Not due to A&B but the speakers were blown and just sounded terrible. I was beaming but I was also shivering like nothing else. Had to huddle in tight circle to stay reasonably warm but still struggled, until Marie's buddy lent me his Defqon hoodie CHAMPION! Realising the sound was terrible and despite how much I wanted to stay I knew it wouldn't be worth it and so I accepted it and moved back to the trance stage for W&W. There was a line, waited a bit, but eventually got in.

After this point up until Guisseppe I find it hard to remember details of their set but it was good. I can just remember Skyfire being played, absolutely blew me away.

By Guisseppe I was over it, his set was OK at best but that's about it. My back was hurting like nothing else, feet was tired and I didn't realise it but I had sticky dirty residue from the gum I was chewing. Never again not 5 gum, there's just too much volume in my mouth makes me drool just a bit. LOL

Walking back was devastating, I was complaining like nothing else when I thought we were going to walk back, until we realised there were buses. Thank you buses! 

 Sad for the next day or two. Bananas does wonders and I keep going through the terrible photos on facebook just to relive a bit of it again. 

Thanks Marie for the photos. I want to take more photos now to remember more but just forget. 

Nothing till Defqon now, I've had my fun. 

Group Therapy

Group shot with Jono and Paavo from Above and Beyond

The biggest and probably only groupie moment of my life!

I missed out on them last year at Horden, ASOT and even Creamfields. It's funny because I specifically bought my Creamfields ticket just for Above and Beyond alone and I didn't end up seeing them. 

Oh blog, how I've neglected you so.

Maybe this is rebirth of blogging?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Future Music 2012

Main stage Skrillex
Backblogging now.

Future was mad.
Orjan Nilson was mind blowing! First time hearing W&W from his set, I was hooked and had these moments of "What is this song!? It's insane!"

John O'callaghan was crazy too! Dropping the classic Zombie Nation! LOL Totally unexpected.

I only caught a few minutes of Skrillex, when he dropped Bangarang it was insane. You know how in home movie's where people use hand held devices it's all shaky and all. But when something bad happens and they make a run for it, the frame of the camera drops to the ground and shakes around like crazy and you see nothing but the shaking ground. That's what it was like for me when he dropped the dubstep in Bangarang. 

During Gareth Emery I was sitting down, it was a shame cause I could hear some epic tunes spitting out. Some chick stole my awesome sunnies, fuck her, I didn't fight it, her attitude wasn't worth ruining my day you slutbitchwhore.

Paul Van Dyk was euphoria at it's finest. To be honest, the set was amazing thinking back on it but at that moment I didn't fully appreciate it because I didn't know many of his songs. But the 3 hour set was amazing. Also that metal cage he was standing in was trippy. I did understand the meaning of it half way through anyway, It made him look like he was in a UFO flying through the city, I came to an epiphany that he's so good that "He's from out of space!" LOL, I'm an idiot.

After all that loud music I couldn't do it for the next week. Soft acoustic renditions replaced. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How my life could of changed.

Back in 2005 sometime when I was still in my high school years, I was one of those kids who would be flipping                                                 over shit, climbing over walls and someone apart of the Australian parkour forums. I attended their first ever national parkour meetup at the Homebush gymnastics centre sometime in the 06 or 07 years and it was a blast.

I remember being there thinking I was somewhat king shit because back at home/school and training I would do all these stupid flips and shit on the grass. But these guys who founded the parkour forums were on a whole other level. Being in the gymnastics floor allowed everyone to achieve gain more height, twists and flips than being outside in the streets, but what they achieved being in the first few years of founding the forum was amazing. Physically what they could do was cool, but being able to gather the nations whole parkour community together in one city to practice was even more amazing.

I remember being into that scene for a short while, made some short lived friends but for me it never really kicked off. For reasons that just seem silly really, I never had anyone to run with and when I did go out by myself, after a few weeks my legs develop a terrible case of shin splints. It hurt to walk sometimes and I still remember I couldn't point my toes upwards for a few good weeks. I actually found that amusing somewhat.

Because of that I just stopped and upuntil now I have forgotten about that aspect of my life. And watching this video just made me think, what if?

What would my life be like if i kept up with community? How would the parkour community impact upon my life?

But also this life question can also be applied to other aspects of my life like, who I dated or didn't date, jobs, cars, bikes, friends and whatnot. But I still like to think.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Spring wrap up!

I wrapped my wheels in black vynel. Biggest pain in the ass ever. Never doing it again, but it only looks good from afar. Next time i'm just buying new wheels.

Vman Bought himself an Evo.

I splurged a bit and got new springs. Ride is just that tad bit firmer, considerably less body roll and only a little bit lower (not that I care about the height)

Went to wakefield for a private track day! Super fun!
Managed to get a 1:18 time with on the side Iphone stopwatch. Pretty happy but I didn't beat Clifton, I could of gotten faster but then all I can rebut with is all just excuses. 
There was also this whole silly bet going on facebook where if I beat Cliffy he would have to wear a christmas tree for a day. Hahaha oh well. Next time.

I'm addicted to Calzones. It's a giant pizza pocket, or it can be called a pizza folded in half.

Jings bucks was filled with loads of laughs and a fun night alltogether.
This happened, that happened, you know all that jazz on a bucks night. HAHAHA. 
Jing and Shirley got married!! 
By the way Matt Mead is a mad photographer. Super fun to hang with too!

I went to Stereosonic! 
Best day in my life! Day turned to night in a blink of an eye but I still had an amazing day. 
Stayed at the main stage all day because I was just happy to be there couldn't be bothered moving. 
My only saddness from Stero would be missing out on Dash Berlin! Man if I had the time and money to blow, I would of chased stero around Australia just to see dash.

I got high.

Helped Justin out at Zen Garage with this piece on the wall. Looks great!
I got my Open Waters scuba diving license. So much fun, now I can't wait till I go on holiday to play where I can scuba!

HID's in my car now thanks to peeps.

Octoberfest at uni was loads of fun too.
First time ever at a live dubstep set, wasn;t too bad at all especially when the guy on the decks dropped promises.

During exams I procrastinated by rolling ciggies.

I won some money from the Melbourne Cup. 
Damn it was a close race!

For my birthday I had a 1meter long pizza at crinities.
Damn it was cheap too!! 

Sculptures by the sea was cool.

These things scared me though.

CSE (computer science engineering) Review was pretty bad. 

I can make a pretty mean garlic and rosemary roast pork too.

So that's what I missed on this blog in the past two months. I hope I will be getting back into it because I know there's loads I missed out on and so much can happen in a month or two! I have come to realise that I'm super forgetful and it's just not cool! Memories needs to be cherished.

So much has changed about my mindset. I have also gotten myself into a bit of financial trouble but oh well I'm working on it, literally.